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Why are the Muse servers not starting upon system reboot?

Some Operating Systems require that scripts must redirect the standard output to a file instead of standard terminal (RedHat Enterprise OS, for example).

To account for this, please edit /etc/rc.d/rc.muse (for Muse versions below 2210) or /etc/init.d/muse (for Muse 2210) and modify the next lines:

  • $MUSE_HOME/use/ice/startServer &
  • $MUSE_HOME/http/startHTTPServer -security &
  • $MUSE_HOME/proxy/startMuseProxy &
  • $MUSE_HOME/z3950/startZBridge &


  • $MUSE_HOME/use/ice/startServer >out 2>err &
  • $MUSE_HOME/http/startHTTPServer -security >out 2>err &
  • $MUSE_HOME/proxy/startMuseProxy >out 2>err &
  • $MUSE_HOME/z3950/startZBridge >out 2>err &
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