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Why does the Muse setup kit does not perform an upgrade?

InstallShield defines the Muse environment variables (MUSE_HOME, USE_HOME, ICE_HOME, MODULES_HOME) in the system wide profile file for Bourne shell and Bourne compatible shells : /etc/profile. The section from the /etc/profile added by InstallShield on a normal Muse installation looks like the following:

    # Begin INSTALLSHIELD Environment Variable Section
    # Do not edit this section manually.
    # var 0 MUSE_HOME=/opt/muse
    export MUSE_HOME

    # var 0 ICE_HOME=/opt/muse/use/ice
    export ICE_HOME

    # var 0 MODULES_HOME=/opt/muse/use/modules
    export MODULES_HOME

    # var 0 USE_HOME=/opt/muse/use
    export USE_HOME

    # End INSTALLSHIELD Environment Variable Section
In the setup upgrade process, InstallShield edits the /etc/profile file and makes changes by identifying its section inside the file. If this section is modified, then InstallShield will stop from running, thus the whole upgrade process will fail.

Tags: Bourne, error, fail, InstallShield, setup, shell, upgrade, variable

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