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I changed the java version on the Muse machine and now the Muse services do not start (Windows).

Errors like "[...]The LoadLibrary function failed for the following reason.Could not load the Java Virtual Machine." are usually seen in the System Event log when Muse servers are installed on Windows as services and java is changed. This is because Muse services are hooked in the in the registry, with the old JVM dll.


To solve this problem, the corresponding line in the InstallXXXService.bat files (or service.bat install file for Tomcat) will need to be manually edited to point to the new JVM DLL. Then uninstall the services (runUninstallXXXService.bat or service.bat remove for Tomcat) and install the services again (runInstallXXXService.bat or service.bat install for Tomcat). Note that this must be done for each Muse service that must run.

Tags: changed, DLL, java, jvm, library, load, service, version

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