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What version of Xindice or eXist runs Muse?

To decide if a particular Muse system uses eXist or Xindice, the simplest way is to check the "$MUSE_HOME/use/ice/ICECore.xml" file and see the value of the <XMLDB> tag.
If it contains something like "<XMLDB>xmldb:exist:http://admin:@localhost:8000/xmldb/exist/xmlrpc</XMLDB>", then the system uses eXist.
If the tag has a value similar to "<XMLDB>http://localhost:8000/xmldb/xindice</XMLDB>", then the system uses Xindice.

To find the eXist version one may look in the "$MUSE_HOME/xmldb/webapps/exist/WEB-INF/lib/exist.jar" file. This must be opened on a desktop (and not the server) using an archiver (eg:  winzip). Following the path "org/exist" inside the archive, one will find the "" file, which will list the eXist version (it is a text type file). Eg:
vendor=eXist Project



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