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What tools from the Support website do I have to run after I perform the Muse upgrade?

After performing the Muse upgrade, it is mandatory to run the tool(s) from the Support website -> Downloads -> Tools and utilities section that apply to your case depending on the Muse version from which the upgrade is being completed.
See the below table to find out which tool(s) to apply:

  Muse versions before Muse Muse
MNMtoICE tool
XIndiceToEXist tool X X    
eXist Upgrade tool X X X X
WorkroomConverter tool X X X  


    1) Apply the tool(s) which fit your upgrade scenario immediately after the running the Muse setup kit.
    2) The order in which to run the tool(s) is the one as provided in the table: MNMtoICEXIndiceToEXisteXist Upgrade,WorkroomConverter
    3) If running the XindiceToExist tool applies to your upgrade according to the above table, it is recommended to find exactly if you are still using the Xindice as XML database for personal workroom. To find out if you are still on Xindice please see the FAQ item: If the  steps in the FAQ verify this, then proceed with applying the XindiceToExist tool, otherwise you do not have to run it.
    4) Read carefully the description and installation instructions of each tool from the Support website.

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