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How do I change the logo and title of a Muse application?

All Muse applications have support for customizing the banner section with own banners, images, logos and even custom HTML code.
The interface customization is done from the MCAA console, select the desired application and go to "Application General Settings -> Interface Options -> Display Banner" section.
Please refer to the "Muse Console for Application Administration.pdf" documentation, chapter "Display Banner" for more information.
Note that this is the only supported customization that can be done for the banner area of an application's interface. If you choose to make manual interface changes in the application's HTML and CSS files, then we cannot offer support anymore for this.
If you want to have a fully customized/branded Muse application you can submit a work order for it to our Orders Department. We can build the application based on your specifications and in this way we will provide support for it.
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