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Why I can't see groups and/or sources in the application interface?

There are 2 reasons for which group(s) and/or Source Package(s) are not shown in the application interface: they do not exist (because they were not created/added), or they are hidden.

Both adding and visibility checking operations are done via the MCAA admin console:
1 - login to your admin console;
2 - select the desired application from the list and click on "Setup and Organize Sources" link from the left menu;
3 - go to "Organize Sources" -> "Source Grouping" to see if there are any groups defined and/or Source Packages added in the group(s):
    a) if there are no groups defined, add one or more using the "Add a New Group" link;
    b) if there are no Source Packages added to the group(s), add them using the drop down boxes of each defined group;
    c) if all needed groups/Source Pakcages are present, goto #4, else goto #6.
4 - go to "Organize Sources" -> "Update Interface": here you can update the interface with the newly added group(s) and/or Source Package(s) and check if there are group(s) and/or Source Pakcage(s) marked as hidden;
5 - if you want to unhide group(s) and/or Source Package(s), just uncheck the corresponding "Hidden" checkbox;
6 - when done with modifications, click the "Update" button;
7 - re-login to the application to see the changes.

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