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How to change the default landing search page "Simple Search" to "Advanced Search" page after the user's login to the Muse Application Interface?

The default landing search page into a Muse application can be configured
from the "Muse Console for Applications Administration" console as follows:

- login with the mcaa user details at your Muse Admin Consoles URL
- select the desired application from the list of applications for which
to make this setting;
- go to the left menu item "Application General Settings" - >
"Interface Options";
- in the General tab "Default Search Page:" section select the desired
landing page: the "Simple Search" page or the "Advanced Search" page;
- click the "Update" button to save the changes.

As an alternative to setting the default search page for an application,
you can select the Simple/Advanced search page by specifying the
"applicationPageId" parameter in the passthrough links with "Advanced"
or "Simple" values. Below is a usage example:


The above passthrough search URL will launch the search on the
ProQuesteLibrary source in the APPLICATION_ID application in the
"Advanced Search" page, even the default search page set for the
APPLICATION_ID application is the "Simple Search" page.

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