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Why am I getting "Global InfoBase Error: IOException:No route to host" when trying to add/update Source Packages?

The most common reason of the "no route to host" error is that there is a network issue between the Muse server and the Global InfoBase server.

You can check the connectivity by opening a browser and trying to open ""  url. Note that the browser should run on Muse server (if possible) or on a computer in the same network with the Muse server.


A second reason, but much more rare, is because Global InfoBase has a new (changed) IP.
This can happen if MuseGlobal is doing maintenance of the main Global InfoBase and the backup Global InfoBase is used temporarily, or Global InfoBase is relocated.

In all these cases, Tomcat should refresh its DNS cache to get the new IP of Global InfoBase. If not, then Tomcat must be configured to do so.

The DNS refresh interval can be configured by editing the $MUSE_HOME/tomcat/bin/configure(.bat) file and uncomment the following entry: TOMCAT_DNSCacheRefresh=60
This setting is passed to Tomcat's JVM and specifies a period of 60 seconds to cache the name lookups, after which it will query the name servers to get the latest name-address resolution. Tomcat restart is needed after such a modification.

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