Such a useful software

University of Da lat

I’m making a topic for university graduates. This topic related to digital certificates, namely X.509 digital certificates and Certificates Revocation List. Initially I find documentation on the internet and I found it on, I have read this document and fortunately that’s what I need, I do not think there will be such a useful software. I downloaded and used it, during this time I learned how to use CERTivity KeyStores Manager. I was able to create my own certificate and sign up my PDF document, although CA is not recognized it but I was very glad, on 12/20/2013 I will report my topic for my department, I will use to open the digital certificate with CERTivity KeyStores Manager.

Unfortunately, the trial license expires, I tried to send a letter for help and I was really surprised CERTivity help as a gift. I have shared this story to my friends, and they also say that you’re good.

I hope CERTivity been known with everyone.

Author: Thành Lê Minh, University of Da lat.

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