FAQ Category: Installation

Which are the available download packages?

We have different download packages depending on the platform: Windows, Linux/Unix, MAC OS. The packages can be seen on our site at the product download page. The recommended CERTivity distribution for Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms (x86/AMD64) is the Installer with the embedded Java Runtime Environment (JRE) as everything is out of the box.

How can I run the installer on Linux/Unix platforms?

On Linux/Unix platforms after downloading the Installer you must make it executable, by opening a shell, going into the downloads directory (via cd) and running the command chmod +x, for example: chmod +x CERTivity-unix-0.2.sh. Then you start the installer either from a visual file manager or from the command line by running the above executable script in the…

What should I do when installing a plain archive distribution?

If you are using a plain archive distribution, then you need JRE 1.6 or higher from Oracle (Sun Microsystems) to be available on your machine. JRE needs to be installed according to Sun Microsystems (Oracle) instructions. The configuration to be done for CERTivity is the setting of jdkhome property from ${certivity_home}/etc/certivity.confby uncommenting it and pointing it to the…

Why my standalone (non bundled JRE) CERTivity installer does not work?

The standalone (non bundled JRE) Installer will need a JRE to start with and to set for CERTivity. If you are using the standalone Installer make sure your system has a Sun Microsystems (Oracle) JRE available for the user you intend to use to install CERTivity. If not, then please install JRE 1.6 or higher…

Can I install other versions of CERTivity on the same platform?

Yes, multiple CERTivity versions can be run on the same machine, each one being independent of the other because each application version has its own installation directory, its own Start Menu links, its own settings.

Can I install the same version of CERTivity again?

Yes, it is possible as a repairing process to install the same CERTivity version overwriting the previous installation. Also, if the previous installation was removed via the Uninstaller, you can install the same version of CERTivity as it would be for the first time. Note that the licenses details need not be re-inserted.

Will the embedded JRE affect my other applications?

No, the embedded JRE is exclusively used for running the CERTivity application and is not affecting the existent applications.