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When I click the Personal Users link in the MCAA user I get an error.

The “An error occured when list personal users for application applicationid: Personal Profile Management System will not be used because it could not be initialized. Probably xmldb location is not properly set. [Connection refused]” error is caused by a wrong port setting in MuseAdmin.xml file. Please check the $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml file, locate the <XMLDB> tag and…

Can I specify multiple email addresses in the SUPORT_EMAIL field the $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml file?

Yes, multiple email addresses can be specified in the <SUPPORT_EMAIL> field in the $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml file using a semicolon as the delimiter. After modifying the $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml file the Muse HTTP server must be restarted.