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How can I set LDAP authentication for a Muse application?

You can configure LDAP authentication as a single authentication method. The steps are: – copy the ${MUSE_HOME}/use/ice/profiles/ICELoginModuleLDAP.xml file into the application which is to be configured, into the ${MUSE_HOME}/home/ApplicationID/profiles/ folder, where replace ApplicationID with the exact application ID you wish to configure with LDAP authentication. – configure the necessary Muse login modules for the application….

How to set up HMAC authentication on a Muse Proxy application?

The overall steps would be: 1) Create the new application as copy of the MuseProxyFoundation template, the ID of the new application to be MuseProxyFoundationHMAC for example. 2) Edit the file $MUSE_HOME\proxy\webcontexts\Applications\MuseProxyFoundationHMAC\ profiles\AuthenticationGroups.xml and do the following: – Locate the /ICE-CONFIG/AUTHENTICATION_GROUPS/AUTHENTICATION_GROUP/AUTHENTICATIONS node and remove its content, thus obtaining an empty node: <AUTHENTICATIONS> </AUTHENTICATIONS> – Edit…