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I get “Source package decode error” for each Source Package I try to update; also when I try to add a new Source Package I see only 18

Updating a Source Package installed in a Muse Application or adding a new one make use of the Global InfoBase service. The access to the Global InfoBase service is done with a username/password combination that were assigned to you by MuseGlobal. The fact that you get “Source package decode error” messages when updating Muse Source…

I get UnknownHostException when trying to update Source Packages.

The message “Global InfoBase error: UnknownHostException:factory.museglobal.com” clearly states that the factory.museglobal.com host cannot be solved by the DNS servers configured on the Muse server. This is not a Muse problem, but a network/server configuration issue. This may lead to other side efects, like populating the Status values of the Source Packages with “Not working” values.