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I have getting the error of “The Serial Number you have typed does not match with the licensed one” when I try to run the Muse installer. What does this mean?

Typically, this means that the version of the installer you are running does not match your license. For instance, if you downloaded a installer, but you have a license (or vice versa), you will receive this error. Please download the right Muse version. If this is not the case then check the copied…

I have been sent a new version of Muse Proxy. how do I install it into my current version of Muse?

Follow these steps to install the new Muse Proxy version: – stop the Muse Proxy – delete the content of the ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/cache directory. IMPORTANT: Do not delete the directory itself, only its content. – copy and dearchive the attached file “proxy.zip” in ${MUSE_HOME} directory – start the Muse Proxy