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How can I generate HMAC Muse Proxy proxified links in .Net?

The instructions and code provided below are based on the following assumptions: MuseProxyFoundationHMAC is the Muse Proxy application configured with HMAC authentication; quiet is the value of the secret; userName and timestamp are the signature parameters; SHA256 is the algorithm; the separator between the signature parameters is . . Integrate the following code into your…

I have been sent a new version of Muse Proxy. how do I install it into my current version of Muse?

Follow these steps to install the new Muse Proxy version: – stop the Muse Proxy – delete the content of the ${MUSE_HOME}/proxy/cache directory. IMPORTANT: Do not delete the directory itself, only its content. – copy and dearchive the attached file “proxy.zip” in ${MUSE_HOME} directory – start the Muse Proxy

How can I tell if my Muse Proxy is secure?

This FAQ has been created for partners to check the Muse Proxy configuration ($MUSE_HOME/proxy/hosts.xml file) to make sure they are not open proxies, and therefore prone to illegal usage. RULES TO MODIFY: 1.) In the hosts.xml under the default user, there should be no <ALLOW>*</ALLOW> rule: <USER_RULE> <ID>default</ID> <ALLOW>*</ALLOW> The default user allows the ICE…