How can I add the new VPN IP for accessing the MCAA console?

The access into the Muse Administration Consoles such as the MCAA (Muse Console for Applications Administration) is secured by IP authentication, besides Username/Password.

The access point for the MCAA console is:


There are 2 methods for adding a new IP as an allowed IP address from where the MCAA console can be accessed:

1. From the MCAA console (reommmended). Login into the MCAA console from an already allowed IP address and follow the below steps:

  • Access the Users top menu;
  • From the Users page access the left menu item – Muse Authentication and Authorization Users;
  • In the new page select the mcaa user (or the desired administrator user from the list) and click the left menu item – Edit Access Rules;
  • In the Edit Access Rules pop-up page, click an Insert link corresponding to the last entry from the list;
  • For the new item that was added, edit the IP value and add the desired IP address. When done click the Update button.
2. Manually by editing the IP rules file on disk.
  • Access the Muse server remotely, the access method differs, depending on the Operating System (RDP/VNC/TeamViewer, etc. for Windows based systems, SSH/VNC, etc. for Linux based systems);
  • Edit the file ${MUSE_HOME}/aas/hosts.xml file.
  • Locate the USER_RULE section corresponding to the mcaa user (or the desired administrator). It should look like:<USER_RULE> <ID>mcaa</ID>
  • Add next to the existing IP rules a new entry as following: <ALLOW>Your_IP_Address</ALLOW>, where replace Your_IP_Address with the actual IP address value.
Before saving the changes, the file must be double checked for not breaking it, since it is a XML file.