How can I check the status of the enrichment service?

The record enrichment feature from Muse mainly brings imaging content that is presented next to the data extracted by the Source Package via a specialised key within Muse, like SyndeticDirectKey.
The enrichment is based on the ISBN value (already extracted by a Source Package) which is then searched for using specialised services. Such a service is the Syndetics Solutions one, which provides a lot of data if queried, like: cover images, abstract, TOC, etc.
To be able to check if the enrichment feature works well for this service, one must access a URL such as the following:, where

– ISBN – with the ISBN value extracted by the Source Package
– ACCESSCODE – user access code to the service

Note: to be able to identify the ISBN of a record (not all records have such a field), one must run a search using the MCAA console and use the XML display format. After the records are retrieved, expand them and look for the <IDENTIFIER scheme="ISBN"> tag, inside the <IDR> one. Its value is the one that must be filled in the above URL.