How can I generate HMAC Muse Proxy proxified links in php?

The instructions and code provided below are based on the following assumptions:
– MuseProxyFoundationHMAC is the Muse Proxy application configured with HMAC authentication;
– quiet is the value of the secret;
– userName and timestamp are the signature parameters;
– SHA256 is the algorithm;
– the separator between the signature parameters is . .

Add the following code into your PHP page:

require_once './MuseProxyHMAC.php';
$museProxyURL = "http://MUSE_PROXY_HOST:PORT";
$applicationID = "MuseProxyFoundationHMAC";
$secret = "quiet";
$algorithm = "sha256";
$separator = ".";
// $timestamp is the current unix timestamp
$timestamp = time();
// $userAgent represent the userAgent from the request
//$userAgent = filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, "HTTP_USER_AGENT");
// $referer represent the referer from the request
//$referer = filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, "REQUEST_SCHEME") . "://" . filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, "HTTP_HOST") . filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, "REQUEST_URI");
// $userAddress represents the remote adress
//$userAddress = gethostbyname(gethostbyaddr(filter_input(INPUT_SERVER, "REMOTE_ADDR")));
//The order from this array must be the same with order and parameters name from the hmac configuration file ${APPLICATION_HOME}/profiles/login/ProxyLoginModuleHMAC.xml.
//$used_params = array("userName" => "MuseProxyFoundation", "ts" => $timestamp, "userAgent" => $userAgent, "referer" => $referer, "userAddress" => $userAddress);
$used_params = array("userName" => $applicationID, "ts" => $timestamp);

$museProxy = new MuseProxyHMAC($museProxyURL, $applicationID, $secret, $algorithm, $separator, $used_params);
echo $museProxy->generatedHmacDigest . "<br/>";
echo "<a href='" . $museProxy->generatedURL . "' target='_blank'>TEST</a>";

where replace MUSE_PROXY_HOST:PORT with your actual Muse Proxy host and port.

The aditional MuseProxyHMAC.php file can be downloaded from here.

The code will generate the HMAC link on the TEST label.

The commented lines are for the cases when you want to use in the signature the userAgent/referer/userAddress values.
Note that they must be specified in the Muse Proxy as well (in the $MUSE_HOME\proxy\webcontexts\Applications\MuseProxyFoundationHMAC
\profiles\login\ProxyLoginModuleHMAC.xml file).