How do I access my Elsevier ScienceDirect and Scopus resources through Muse?

Elsevier does not permit HTTP access to their resources through federated search products. For federated search Elsevier provides specialized APIs for which we have the following Source Packages: ScienceDirectRESTXML, ScienceDirectRESTXMLBooks, ScienceDirectRESTXMLJournals and ScopusRESTXML.
Arrangements with Elsevier for this access must be handled by you (the partner), or by your customer, following the steps below:

Install Procedure:

1. You (the partner) or your customer must contact the Elsevier E-Helpdesk (for APAC: and tell helpdesk that MuseGlobal federated search or API needs to be enabled.
2. Helpdesk will be able to find the customer’s account (based on C* numbers), API key based on name (MuseGlobal) and generate appropriate instTokens.
3. Confirm with the representative that they have enabled the MuseGlobal federated search or API (not a different federated search product).
4. After Elsevier staff has enabled access for the customer, they will report this back to the customer or to you, the vendor, and will disclose the appropriate instTokens to the customer.
5. Using the Muse Source Console, upload appropriate the ScopusRESTXML or the ScienceDirectRESTXML Source Packages, as covered by your subscription.
6. Configure the Source Package(s), making sure to fill the API_KEY, INST_TOKEN parameters from “Custom Parameters:” at bottom of the page with the two instTokens provided by Elsevier. Contact Muse Support if this is not the case.
7. Test the Source Package while in the Console.