How to enable HTTPS access for my Muse Search Applications?

In the $MUSE_HOME/tomcat/docs/Apache Tomcat embedded within Muse.pdf manual, chapter “ Secured Connections” you can find all details about securing the access to the Muse Embedded Tomcat server using SSL certificates.

Basically you need to generate a keystore from the private key and certificate, and enable it into the Tomcat’s configuration file: $MUSE_HOME/tomcat/conf/server.xml by uncommenting or adding if not already existing the connector:

Make sure the keystore name is correct and its password. Also inbound access on port 443 must be opened in the firewall.

Alternatively, for creating the keystore file, you can use EduLib’s CERTivity® KeyStores Manager tool. Get the free license, download and install it and follow the steps below for creating the keystore:

  1. File menu –> New KeyStore
    File name: keystore
    New KeyStore Type: jks
    Click on Save.
  2. KeyStore menu –> Import Key Pair
    – select PKCS #8
    – uncheck Private Key Encrypted
    – Private Key File: browse to your (.KEY) private key file
    – Certificate(s) File: browse to your (.CRT) certificates file
    – then OK
    – Alias should remain as suggested –> then OK
    – enter pass “changeit” without quotes (as it is default into the ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml file) –> then OK
  3. File menu –> Save
  4. KeyStore menu –> Change Keystore Password
    – enter pass “changeit” without quotes (as it is configured into the ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml file) –> then OK
  5. File –> Save
  6. Rename the resulted file from “keystore.jks” to “keystore” and place it into the ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/ directory.
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