I often get “timeout” messages from a Source. When performing a search in the native site it takes around 3 minutes to receive results. How do I increase the timeout of a Source?

There are two parameters involved here:

  • CONNECT_TIME_OUT: specifies the timeout value, in milliseconds, to be used when opening the communication link for each resource (e.g. URL) used by this source.
  • READ_TIME_OUT: specifies the timeout value, in milliseconds, that is involved upon reading on the communication channels.

One can increase the timeout for a given Source Package by increasing the value in the CONNECT_TIME_OUT and READ_TIME_OUT fields (the entry is in milliseconds; 1,000 milliseconds = 1 second). To edit these fields of the source profile one must use the Muse Source Console:

  • login into the Muse Source Console
  • select the desired application from the list of applications
  • go to the “Configure” tab
  • click on the “Modify” button for the desired source
  • update the “Connect Time Out” and “Read Time Out” inputs with the desired values
  • to submit the modifications click on the “Update” button
  • Note: The values for the “Connect Time Out” and “Read Time Out” fields must be given in milliseconds.