Is Muse Proxy supporting Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) 1.2?

The short answer is Yes, Muse Proxy support TLS 1.2.

Muse Proxy runs on Java, hence it uses the Java Virtual Machine security settings, it does not rely on anything from the Operating System in this regard. Also it is not compiled with any specific SSL libraries versions like other software is.

Starting with Java 6 update 115, TLS 1.2 is available, and in Java 7 and 8 it is enabled by default.

Hence Muse Proxy supports TLS 1.2, and to be more precise, TLS 1.2 is supported since 2014 when we added support in the Muse Proxy configuration file to specify the SSL protocols that can be used both on the server end and on the client end (requests
against the sources).