Unistallation error “..product.service.registry.LoggedSoftwareObject cannot be cast to com.installshield.product.ProductBean” occured.

When unistall Muse Proxy 3101 or Muse 2700 (and any interanl 2601,2602, 2603) on a common installation of both of them on some machines the following error is obtained:

Errors occurred during the uninstallation.

com.installshield.product.service.registry.LoggedSoftwareObject cannot be cast to com.installshield.product.ProductBean

This seems to be related to having components with the same UIDs (using two or more Assemblies (in a dynamic installer) where some features and components had the same key (UUID)).

The workaround to solve this problem is:
1) Go to the folder
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Universal\common\Gen1
2) Delete the entire folder named “_vpddb”
3) Restart the uninstallation.

See: [http://cdac.in/index.aspx?id=hi_hs_HL7Tutorial#Uninstallation instructions for SDK for HL7 Java Edition(Windows/Linux/Mac)]