What Source I need to add for searching IEEE Xplore?

For searching IEEE content we provide Source Packages based on API, currently two are available for download in Muse Source Factory:

1) IEEEXploreAPIXML. This is a generic Source Package retrieving content without any filtering.

2) IEEEASPPXploreAPIXML. This is a Source Package specifically built to retrieve content from IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package. More exactly it has pre-configured the following filters:

To use any of the above SPs you need an API key from IEEE, to get it follow the steps below:

1) Register for an account on the IEEE Developer website: https://developer.ieee.org/

2) Apply for an API key.

Once you have the API key you must configure it through the Muse Console for Applications Administration (MCAA) in the “Custom Parameters” section, as value for the API_KEY parameter.