What URL format do you use to create a pearsistent URL to a specific article in a database, when using Muse Proxy?

You can use the following format:




where replace YOUR_PROXY_DOMAIN with the actual fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your Muse Proxy system, PORT with the value of the port on which Muse Proxy runs, and APPLICATION_ID with the correct Muse Proxy application ID.





Important observation:

In order for these proxified links to work, a proper configuration dealing with the rewriting of that domain must be in place in Muse Proxy. Otherwise, if such a configuration does not exist, you will get a message from Muse Proxy like below:

The url parameter provided cannot identify a source. Your organization may not have authentication for that remote target, or a source has not yet been configured to access that remote target.

If you experience this, then further address with the administrator of your Muse Proxy system the need for adding such a configuration (in Muse Proxy terminology it is called a Muse Proxy Source Profile).