What Z39.50 Source Package should I use to profile a library catalog with a Z39.50 server?

Although ANSI/NISO Z39.50 is a standard for common search and retrieval, it is implemented differently and in different versions by various commercial library catalog software vendors. For this reason MuseGlobal has several vendor/product-specific Source Packages (SPs) all based on the common Z39.50 protocols. These vendor or product-specific SPs are customized to accommodate specific data and query syntaxes maintained by different Z39.50 servers. These Source Packages come with multiple copies so you can use two or more in a single application by simply filling in the necessary profile values for your target server.

In all cases, you should use the Z39.50 Source Package most specific to the vendor or product. For example, to profile a Millennium catalog, you should use the INNOPACZ_0001 Source Package because Millennium and InnoPac both are products with Z39.50 servers from the same vendor. To profile a Voyager catalog, use the Voyager Z39.50 Source Package.

Additionally, there are some specific, but widely known Z39.50 servers. For example, we created the LOCZ (Library of Congress Z39.50 connector) specifically for the Library of Congress’ catalog. So, even though that library currently uses a Voyager catalog system, you should use the more specific LOCZ SP for this catalog.

There is a generic Z39.50 source known simply as Z3950. Generally, this is a “template”. It may work on any given Z39.50 server, but it does not have any specific mapping files for query or data. Even in cases where you get a successful connection or search using this, there may be a data mapping or other problems you are not aware of. This should only be tried if there is not a specific vendor or catalog Z39.50 package available. The better course is to order a new Source Package from MuseGlobal when you need to profile a Z39.50 server which does not already have a working vendor/product-specific SP.

Below is a list of currently available Source Package IDs for commonly used Z39.50 Servers currently available via Source ID in Source Factory:









Keep in mind that most of these SPs have several “clones” available in the Source Factory. For example, you’ll find ALEPH500Z_0001, ALEPH500Z_0002, ALEPH500Z_0003, . . . ALEPH500Z_0010. This is in cases where you need to profile more than one catalog using the same Source Package in the same application.