Where do I set email server details so that I can send Source Problem Reports from a Muse Administration Console to Technical Support?

The configuration file for setting the SMTP_HOST, SUPPORT_EMAIL (the email address where problems are reported) and other SMTP characteristics such as port, SSL/TLS, username/password, certificates, is $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml. A description for each SMTP property can be found in the comments area of the MuseAdmin.xml file and in the “Muse Administrator.pdf” manual.
The email settings from this file are used for sending a Source Problem Report using a Muse Administrator Console, like Muse Console for Applications Administration or Muse Console for Customer Support.


  • The SMTP_HOST must be configured to relay emails for the Muse server;
  • If the SMTP server uses a secure connection (SSL/TLS) you must provide the necessary certificates. If the SMTP certificate is signed by a known Certificate Authority like Verisign for example, which is in the JDK’s keystore, there is no need to provide the certificate anymore;
  • If the SMTP requires authentication then you must provide a working username/password too;
  • In order for the changes in the $MUSE_HOME/admin/MuseAdmin.xml file to take effect, the Muse HTTP or Muse Embedded Apache Tomcat server (depending on which is available in your Muse version) must be restarted.