Why do I get “Maximun number of sessions” error when trying to login in a Muse application?

The “Login error: Maximum number of sessions for user … has been reached. Please try again later.” occurs when the application or system level limit on the number of simultaneous users is reached.

Limits are built in by default as a protection against one single application logging in so many users that it occupies all the resources of the host server and other application users are effectively denied access. Under normal circumstances the limits can be set appropriately for the expected user population and available server resources (see below) so this error should not occur. But in the case of a software problem or some kind of robot targeting the application this is a useful line of protection.

Note that Muse allows administrators to set these logon limits at both the application and system levels.

These setting are kept in the MAX_USER_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS variable, which can be modified as follows:
– system wide level: edit the $MUSE_HOME/use/ice/ICECore.xml file and change the value of the MAX_USER_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS tag.
– application level ($APPLICATION_HOME/profile.xml): access the application settings via MCAA console (Application Actions > Edit Configuration Options) and set the “User Concurrent Sessions” value as needed. Changes here affect only the application you’re editing.

Note: please be aware that low values can deny access too often while high values can allow unmanageable load on the server. We recommend multiple, small adjustments rather than a single large change.