Wich Muse ports need to be accessible locally but not to the internet?

The ports that need to be locally accessible are:

1. 2100 – Muse Z39.50 Bridge

Configuration file: – ${MUSE_HOME}/z3950/MuseZBridge.xml

Note: This port works as a client for the Information Connection Engine (ICE) server, but it is also a server for all the Z39.50 clients connecting to it.

2. 2504 – Muse ICE Server

Configuration file: – ${ICE_HOME}/ICECore.xml

Files that contain references to this port:




Note: This port is also configured in all Muse bridges used for the Muse ICE Server (in either one of the following two files) (${MUSE_HOME}//MuseBridge.xml and in ${MUSE_HOME}//MuseBridge.properties).
3. 2505 3000 – Muse ICE Server

Note: This is the control port for the Muse ICE Server. If it is not accessible, the next port is used, and so on. An error is retrieved if none of the ports up to 3000 can be opened.

4. 8001 8004, 8006 – Custom XML Bridges

Configuration file: – ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml; ${MUSE_HOME}//client/MuseClient.xml

5. 8005 – Muse Local Infobase Bridge

Configuration file: – ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml

Files that contain references to this port: ${MUSE_HOME}/factory/SourceFactory.xml

Note: This port acts as a bridge, the communication protocol being XML.

6. 8007 – Muse Admin

Configuration file: ${MUSE_HOME}/http/conf/contexts.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml

Note: This port handles XML connections.

7. 8010 – Muse HTTP Server

Configuration file: ${MUSE_HOME}/http/MuseHTTPServer.xml or ${MUSE_HOME}/tomcat/conf/server.xml

Note: This is the Muse HTTP Server or Tomcat control port.

Note: If you want to access some of the above Muse services from the Internet or from machines other than localhost, then the port(s) corresponding to the desired service must be open to the machine making the request.

Further information about this can be found in the "$MUSE_HOME/doc/Muse Advanced Configuration.pdf"document, “Server Type Ports Opened by Muse within Local LAN Scope” chapter.