KeyStore Persistence (Reloading opened KeyStores)

CERTivity® offers KeyStore persistence between runs by remembering the KeyStores which are opened at the time the application exits. If the KeyStores are not closed before exiting the application, their names and locations are remembered so that on the next launch they will be reloaded (if the KeyStore files still exist, and they can be loaded). When reloading the KeyStores, you can set CERTivity® to either ask you for the password of each KeyStore when each KeyStore tab is selected for the first time, or, you can set it to remember the passwords of each KeyStore as well, so that you won't be prompted for them. All passwords will be encrypted to increase safety.

Although the full persistence option (remembering the KeyStore name and encrypted password) makes the application more friendly we are not recommending the full persistence, unless you are sure the machine is exclusively accessible by you. Otherwise, it is recommended to use the option which only remembers the name and location of each KeyStore.

To change the persistence type, click on Menu Tools > Options or use the default keyboard shortcut ALT+T+O. The preferences dialog will be opened. In the Certificates Options tab, look for the field KeyStore persistence. This field has a combo list which allows you to select one of the following two options:

Changing the KeyStore persistence type will only take effect when clicking on OK on the preferences dialog. If the dialog is closed otherwise, the new selected persistence type will be disregarded.


When changing from a lower level of persistence (from "Persist only KeyStore file name" option) to a higher level of persistency ("Fully persist" option), if you have KeyStores which have not yet been unlocked (for which you have not yet entered the password), and you still do not enter the password before exiting the application, on the next run, you will still be prompted to enter the passwords for the KeyStores for which you did not provide them when having the previous level of persistency.

A screenshot showing the dialog which prompts you to enter a password for opening the KeyStore when the application is launched, can be seen below: