CERTivity® KeyStores Manager

CERTivity is provided to you under license. The licenses are per user, allowing one user multiple installations on different machines. The License Key (File) along with the activation instructions are sent by e-mail to the address mentioned by you at the time of order, and the same file is to be used for all the users the license was purchased for.

The prices below are listed per license category. Please consult the Features Matrix to observe the differences between the licensing categories.

By ordering, you agree to the CERTivity End User License Agreement and our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

CERTivity User Licenses

Category Standard Professional Migrade
Single User License Price US $75 US $98 US $23
Multi-User License Price
2-4 Users License 5% off
5-9 Users License 10% off
10-24 Users License 15% off
25-50 Users License 20% off
> 50 Users License 25% off
Technical Support and free upgrades for major versions within 60 days of purchase is included.
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The volume discounts will be applied automatically when you select the exact quantity you order. All prices are listed excluding any sales tax (VAT).

According to EU regulations, independent of the seller’s location, all customers located within the EU are required to pay VAT. Companies in EU providing a valid VAT number are exempted from the VAT rate. The final purchase price, including VAT, if any, will be available to you prior to confirming the order.

Our orders are processed by Avangate, our world wide secure payment partner via a great variety of methods in more currencies. For instant payment methods like Credit Card or PayPal, the delivery information will be sent via e-mail, usually within a few minutes after an order has been successfully completed. For payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Check or PayPal, the delivery will be done after the payment is confirmed (usually 2 to 3 business days). Avangate Customer Support Center is available 24/7 and provides you with complete answers to questions about order, payment and product delivery processes.

Above the functional Free 30 Day Trial period to let you fully evaluate CERTivity before you make your purchase decision, in some instances but only within 30 days of purchase, we will, at your request, issue a refund.

The License Key (File) that you will be receiving after purchasing covers all the minor versions upgrades (e.g. 1.2, 1.3). There is an eligibility interval of 60 days since you purchased a license to receive free upgrades for major versions as well. If this interval passes existent users of a previous major version will be able to upgrade the licenses to the next new major version (e.g. 2.0) at a discount.

The Migrade column of the table applies for the case you want to upgrade your license for the same major version from Standard to Professional. You will have to provide us with your previous license details and e-mail address. An exact quantity corresponding to your previous License Key (File) will be delivered to you.

You don’t have to uninstall your trial CERTivity application in order to install a commercial license or to migrate from Standard to Professional license. You just need to register the new License Key (File) in the existent application.