Our Services cover the full spectrum of Muse® products from Technical Support, Implementation of new projects, Development, Maintenance and Monitoring of Muse® Smart Connectors, Development of Mobile, Web Muse® Applications, to Muse® Core Functionality. These are all needed for flourishing and marketing your business in today’s dynamic market. Our inspiration comes from listening to customers and creating new products and solutions for the challenges and opportunities you face.



Muse® Mobile Applications

Libraries and Enterprises are increasing incorporating mobile and wireless solutions into their business processes to improve performance and encourage real-time enterprise behavior. We develop Muse® Applications for mobile devices on different operating systems like iOS, Android to help your needs in reaching your target audience with proper services.


Muse® Web Applications

Muse® Web Application Development offers sound solutions to Libraries and Enterprise real-world problems. Its evolution requires leading technology and experts provided by EduLib application development team. Also Muse® Web Application extensions and additions that can be developed as per customer needs improve the applications feasibility.


Muse® Custom Bridges

Software can interact with Muse® components by using various APIs. Federated Search Engines, Discovery services, Crawling, Harvest or ETL processes are usual examples of how our partners are using Muse®. Depending on the desired software integration, we develop Muse® Bridges implementing the API over various protocols or enterprise software specific implementations.


Muse® Core, Modules, Tools

Core Development Services on Muse® are provided by a dedicated highly qualified team. We cover the whole Muse® functionality, the Information Connection Engine (ICE) multi-threaded software environment, Muse®’s Integrated Development Environment, but also general purpose or customer specific Pluggable Modules that give applications the functionality you desire.


Muse® Smart Connectors

We develop Muse® Source Packages from scratch and maintain the existent ones. They connect via tens of protocols (Atom, HTTP/HTML, HTTP/XML, JSON, NCIP, OAI-PMH, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, SIP2, SQL, SRU, SRW, Telnet, Z39.50) to thousands of Data Sources, no matter their record formats (XML, MARC, HTML, ISO2709, Fixed position, Fixed length, Lotus Notes, CSV, Office Docs).


Muse® Technical Support

We take support seriously, making sure you can quickly get the expert help you need. EduLib Technical Support services, either onsite or remote, can prevent Muse® outages, accelerate issue resolution and meet service level requirements. Our Technical Support uses issue tracking software to monitor customer issues and generally improve the customer service experience.

Muse® Support and Development Services

As a customer, you can manage maintenance cost by acquiring Technical Support and Development Services only when needed but also you can apply for yearly subscription.

1. Muse Technical Support and Updates, per year
(billed as a percentage of the price of all Muse licenses owned)
25%Contact Us
2. Muse Technical Support, per hourUS $75Contact Us
3. Muse Smart Connectors Maintenance, per hour
(covers fixes of existent Muse Source Packages)
US $85Contact Us
4. Muse Smart Connectors Development, per hour
(covers development of new Muse Source Packages)
US $95Contact Us
5. Muse Applications Development, per hour
(covers Muse Mobile and Web Applications)
US $105Contact Us
6. Muse Core, Pluggable Modules, Tools, Bridges Development, per hourUS $115Contact Us

The volume discounts could be discussed if you decide for a bigger quantity in your order. All prices are listed excluding any sales tax (VAT).