Muse® LinkResolver


Muse LinkResolver is our resource linking application that uses the OpenURL protocol to provide seamless access to electronic full-text content across vendor platforms for a provided citation. It uses the publisher knowledge base from Muse Central Index for finding the appropriate linking options.

The application can be used independently, serving any application generating OpenURL requests, or part of the Muse Platform, integrated with the Muse Search Application interface.
From technical point of view, the Muse LinkResolver is a web service that can be accessed through HTTP requests and returns relevant linking information about an article, book, journal, etc., as well as other relevant Internet resources.

An exploratory workflow is depicted below with the following components:

  1. The source system which is a Muse Search Application where the end-user has performed a search on the abstract database Scopus, finds an article and wants to read its content. The end-user clicks on the Muse LinkResolver link to see the available linking options.
  2. The Muse LinkResolver Application which is displaying the linking options about the citation details it received in OpenURL format.
  3. The publisher platform hosting the article full-text.

Exploratory workflow

Try Muse® LinkResolver

The Muse LinkResolver can be accessed from search results from the Muse Search Application. To try Muse LinkResolver you need to get a trial access into the Muse Search Application by filling in the form below with the requested details.

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Once you get the trial details, access the Muse Search Application, submit a search and in the results page click on a Muse LinkResolver link available in each result tile.


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