Strong Base, Strong Results

Based on The Muse® Platform, Muse® Harvest is as powerful as its base. The concepts beneath The Muse® Platform and Muse® Federated Search help Muse® Harvest to be as simple to administer as any other Muse® product. Muse® Harvest adds functionality to an already stable and very popular platform. Its import capabilities, supported protocols, filters, validators and writers are capable of filling any repository with the right data.

Flexible Configuration

The Muse® Administrator Consoles are used to administer Muse® Harvest applications. Basically, there is not much difference between a Muse® Federated Search Application and a Muse Harvest one – both are equally simple and straightforward but make use of different functional modules.

The difference also appears in the dedicated inner settings that a Muse® Harvest Application has. These settings, well documented in their own manuals, will provide all the tools needed for harvesting operations.

Input and Output

Each harvesting process can hold up to 10K results per run, no matter if the content source is a feed repository, content providers, even local files or RDBMS – Muse® Harvest is based on different types of controlled extraction, such as search, date or feed based. The delivery result format is consistent via files or feeds to deltas repository or a full results repository and supports regular timed extractions aligned on minutes or irregular frequency.

The Right Content

Muse® Harvest is using a collection of filters and validators to ensure that the right content comes into the process. New filters and validators can also be developed and used, depending on semantics of the data extracted as well as other criteria that may apply to a system or another.