Download Muse® Platform Installation Packages

1. Download the appropriate installation package for a fully functional product depending on the platform where you want to install Muse. Use MD5 checksums to establish the data integrity of the installation packages that you download;



Note: This package will run on any machine having 64-bit OpenJDK 1.8 installed. Make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the OpenJDK 1.8 home directory. To run these packages, use the following commands:
- "muse-win32.exe" and "app-win32.exe" for graphic mode or;
- "muse-win32.exe -console" and "app-win32.exe -console" for console mode.


Note: It is recommended to install Muse® as root (on Unix/Linux systems) or Administrator (on Windows systems) to avoid performing additional steps for registering the Muse® services. This also allows you to bind Muse® services to ports lower than 1024, such as the standard HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443.

Note: Older versions can be found on the archive page.

2. Run the installation package and follow the on screen instructions. Please check Muse® Platform System requirements and, for more detail, the “Installing Muse” chapter of the manual for installation instructions.

The Muse® Platform Release Notes

Here you will find the release notes for the version of Muse® Platform, which you can download as PDF or view online as HTML..

Download the Muse® Platform Installation Manual

Here you will find The Muse Platform installation manual which you can download as PDF or view online as HTML.

Download the Muse® Platform Installable Components Manual

This manual describes which are the Technical Components that are part of a Muse Distribution and how they are inter-related. It helps for a better understanding of the components that are distributed according with your licensed package.

Here you will find The Muse Platform Installable Components manual which you can download as PDF or view online as HTML.

Download the Muse® Platform EULA

Here you will find the Muse® Platform’s End User License Agreement which you can either read on line or download.

Muse® Platform System Requirements

The following are the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for running a Muse server.
For this purpose we consider the Muse server will be capable of handling a minimum of 10 simultaneously connected users (simultaneous sessions) with a quick response time.

Note: The Muse Server Sizing document can also be used as a guide to set up a Muse® environment. It contains information about hardware and network specifications and you can either download as PDF or view online as HTML..

Minimum ConfigurationRecommended Configuration
Processor: Quad Core CPUProcessor: Octa Core processor or better processor / multiprocessors
Memory: 8 GBMemory: 16 GB
Disk space: 120 GB hard disk spaceDisk space: 250 GB hard disk space