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Craiova, Romania, 1st February 2021 EduLib S.R.L., a specialist software development company serving the library and education technology market for over 20 years, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. Over the past year, the EduLib team has been working to build a new website...

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.2 is Available

MuseKnowledge™ Proxy Version 5.2 brings significant features and improvements to support easier, faster setup and administration of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy in Self-Hosted environments.

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.1 Build 02 is Available

Following its development trail, MuseKnowledge™ Proxy recently reached version 5.1 Build 02, version which is now available for download, trial and purchase/upgrade.

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.0 Build 04 is Available

A new version of Muse™ Proxy was released on 21 June 2018.

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 4.5

The last four months of development work for MuseKnowledge™ Proxy has summed up in the new 4.5 release available for download, trial and purchase/upgrade since October 5th, 2017.

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MuseKnowledge™ Application 6.0 is out there

MuseKnowledge™ Application 6.0 is our latest web interface that replaces the older and well known MuseSearch Application series, used for more than a decade to search thousands of e-resources on the Internet.

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 4.4 is Available

A new version of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy, 4.4, is now ready and available for download, trial and purchase/upgrade.

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End of Support for Old Muse® Versions

We are committed to providing good solid support for all Java versions our customers run The Muse™ Platform on. However, as new versions of Java, web browsers, and in general software technologies, are released, it is becoming more and more difficult to provide support for old Muse™ versions running...

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MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 4.3 is ready

The outstanding features from the new 4.3 version of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy are now ready to be used through the availability of this version for download, trial and purchase/upgrade. To widen the authentication integration scenarios MuseKnowledge™ Proxy now supports a wide range of OAuth, OAuth2, OpenID Connect Single Sign on its entry point. Although...

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Egyptian Knowledge Bank, MuseKnowledge™ Training Session, Bucharest, 2016

MuseGlobal is pleased to announce the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, MuseKnowledge Training Session in Bucharest, Romania, taking place from 30 September – 6 October 2016 at the Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center. This advanced training session is being conducted by MuseGlobal for the esteemed leaders and managers of the Egyptian...

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