Muse® Federated Search


Muse® Federated Search is the main component of The Muse® Platform.

It is today’s most powerful of its kind, known as best of multiple target searching and content normalization to a single data model. The ability to access the authenticated objects found from search of a single click, makes the life easy for the users using it. The deep level of extraction, the high scalability and the Smart Connector it uses makes it a high level product.
Muse Knowledge Search Overview
The big number of connectors used for a large variety content and source types, make Muse® Federated Search a leader in the branch. It connects via tens of protocols (Atom, HTTP/HTML, HTTP/XML, JSON, NCIP, OAI-PMH, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, SIP2, SQL, SRU, SRW, Telnet, Z39.50) to thousands of sources providing either free or premium content, no matter their record formats (XML, MARC, HTML, ISO2709, Fixed position, Fixed length, Lotus Notes, CSV, Office Docs).

The easy management of the connectors via browser based console and their easy usage via enterprise applications give the users and administrators a pleasant experience.

There are available very complex settings and options in addition to these for a more powerful and professional result. Pre-processing and post-processing produce results that make the information retrieved very efficiently presented no matter it must be deduplicated, ranked by relevance, have the content analyzed or have the extracted records saved or even exported.

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