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Muse® Proxy is an independent component, it can be used as standalone or integrated with The Muse® Platform. It has been used for more than 15 years within Muse Federated Search to manage the authentication to resources and the navigation to full text, by restoring the server session on end-user browser.

It is a highly customizable multi-platform proxy server, easy to use and configure, acting successfully as a gateway to authenticated restricted content, rewriting web server, Web Access Management (WAM), proxy server and reverse proxy.

Here is a punctual presentation of Muse® Proxy, detailed more below and in the Features page.

Its intelligent URL rewriting in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, web pages source code, will help the authorized users to rewrite unlimited non-binary web resources without using specific processing patterns or scripts for each resource.

Libraries use it to allow access from outside their computer network to restricted-access web sites such as ProQuest, EBSCOHost, SpringerLink, Wolters Kluwer, LexisNexis etc. that authenticate users by IP address, HTTP cookies, Referrer address, HTTP authorization or by any other authentication implemented using CGI parameters. Companies use it to allow access to their employees from outside their computer network to internal resources.

As a Web Access Management (WAM), Muse Proxy can provide access to a variety of free or authenticated data resources through Muse Proxy Applications. By means of Muse Proxy Applications one may provide to users a web interface that will allow single sign-on to access various resources all over the Internet. The sources present in a Muse Proxy Application authenticate to the target sites on behalf of the user. In this way, the users of a Muse Proxy Application are provided with a single sign-on interface from which they can access authenticated target sites without knowing the access or authentication details for those sites. The authentication to the Muse Proxy Applications is made via configurable authentication login modules, allowing various authentication types: User/Password, IP, SSO, LDAP, SQL, SIP, Barcode, FTP, IMAP, HMAC or any combination.

As a reverse proxy, web pages from different domains can be integrated into a web portal with the help of Muse Proxy by rewriting the distant web pages under the local domain.

As a regular store-and-forward proxy, Muse Proxy allows end-users or software clients to navigate to the target web sites using various authentication methods such as IP authentication, User/Password and many others. Muse Proxy offers a fine granularity configuration when run on multiple IP(s) machines, being able to handle an unlimited number of IP(s).

As an anonymous proxy, using its own rewriting capabilities makes the Internet activity untraceable, acting as an intermediary and privacy shield between a client computer and the rest of the Internet. It accesses the Internet on the user’s behalf, protecting the user’s computer identity information.

Muse Proxy offers high level real time monitoring and logging. The data logged can be used to obtain any kind of information, from the standard access logs as for any web server, to statistic logs which keep detailed data for all the Muse Proxy activity.

The administration of Muse Proxy can be carried through the Muse Proxy Administrator Console, a web interface for configuring Muse Proxy, monitoring client connections, monitoring and managing the cache status and maintenance of various Muse Proxy settings. Complete administration of the Muse Proxy Applications and their resources can be done using the Muse Proxy Administrator Console. Multiple tools are available, for example "Rewrite URL", "Evaluate Shortcut URL", "Encrypt Password", "HMAC Link Generator" and "Evaluate Regex".

Muse Proxy administrators can access the JMX interface to change Muse Proxy settings on the fly and to monitor, in real time, resources and traffic done through a certain IP.

The Muse Knowledge Statistics Platform integrates Muse Proxy access and log files for providing visual dashboards with rich charts on the resources usage.

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