17th October 2011, Craiova’s proprietary software development landscape is about to get richer, thanks to a determined, and talented group of managers, software architects and developers.

I am proud to introduce EduLib to the world as a new member of MuseGlobal Group.

EduLib, member of MuseGlobal Group, is a privately held software development company located in Craiova, Romania, offering high-quality, multi-platform software products that cover a wide area of customer needs, having a solid software expertise for more than 20 years. EduLib has established as main purpose to design and develop powerful and reliable software platforms, tools and utilities, targeted from administrators and software developers to Enterprise, Education and Library Information Discovery.

For further details, please contact:

EduLib S.R.L.
Calea Bucuresti, Bl. 27B, Sc. 1, Ap. 2,
Craiova, România
Tel: +40 351 420970
Fax: +40 351 420971


November 23


  • In June 2004, MuseGlobal, Inc. announced that it is acquiring an enhanced interest in MuseGlobal, S.A., formerly known as EduLib Soft S.R.L. of Craiova, Romania. MuseGlobal, S.A. has had a long-standing relationship with MuseGlobal, Inc., and carries out all of MuseGlobal’s development work for its well-known and well-received product line, Muse®;
November 14


  • MuseGlobal was founded by Kate Noerr and Dr. Peter Noerr and established as the commercial entity, MuseGlobal, Inc., in May 2001;
  • Kate Noerr and Dr. Peter Noerr, were the founders of two successful companies, IME Ltd. and MuseGlobal Inc. Each company marketed software systems that Peter designed;
  • Kate Noerr spent some time as a consultant before co-founding MuseGlobal, Inc;
  • Based in London, IME Ltd. became a global library automation leader with over 5,000 customer installations in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia & Australia and sold to Dawson’s Group in 1996;
  • Kristina Bivins brings a unique global perspective having lived and worked in the US, Europe and Asia before joining MuseGlobal’s executive team. Ms. Bivins currently serves as CEO and President of MuseGlobal, Inc.;
November 23


  • Muse idea was started in 1998 by Dr. Peter Noerr in London, UK under EduLib Ltd. company and Mihai Popa in Craiova, Romania under EduLib Soft S.R.L;
  • Mihai Popa worked with Dr. Peter Noerr as a senior programmer in the development of the Muse product. He serves today as CEO for MuseGlobal S.A. and EduLib S.R.L.;

Our Workspace

Our 527 sqm facility allows us to house all of our essential functions under one roof. Management and Development offices, Production and Data Center, Boardrooms and Support Team office make up our working space. Team members working on individual projects cooperate by sharing workspace, ideas and expertise.

We work hard and play hard from our lovely office which, being located near the dynamic centre of Craiova, offers us a very cosy and refreshing working environment.