VP Holding decides its own Integrated Management System Migration to a Distributed Architecture, Scalable, Cross-platform

VP Holding decides its Integrated Management System migration to a distributed architecture that allows scalability and performance by rewriting the software in a cross-platform programming language with a friendly user interface, now available on tablets or smartphones.

“VP Holding develops applications and integrated customized software solutions according to the needs and requirements of companies, no matter how advanced they are and any field of activity (internet portal, e-commerce, document management, business intelligence, monitoring documents and resources), covering this way the whole cycle of software development, from business analysis to implementation, maintenance and post launch support. Wishing to become competitive, we are implementing the necessary actions required to adapt to the trend of technology used by our company’s customers. In this respect, VPH decided to rewrite its BI (Business Intelligence) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software applications in a programming language accessible to customers using a friendly interface and ensuring the real-time availability of applications on mobile devices” states Virgil Profeanu, VPH President.

The company has established a partnership with MuseGlobal (Edulib Romania subsidiary) in order to develop its applications. “The collaboration includes rewriting BI and CRM platforms in a manner that allows access from your tablet or smartphone, perfectly adapted to current requirements, whereas the use of smart mobile devices from the tablets and mobile-phones category is increasing permanently. For this reason, the application developers are forced to improve their products and come up with modern technologies to sustain performance”, says Mihai Popa – CEO MuseGlobal.

The reasons for which VPH decided rewriting its software applications refer to the necessity for complete and mature solutions, based on knowledge, trends and the necessary experiences for the industries in which our customers companies operate. The collaboration with MuseGlobal comes due to the fact that this provider best fits the company’s present and future requirements, thanks to the verified business processes orientation, enabling the implementation of the best practices and systems in various fields providing real support in decisions making, efficiency and flexibility at the same time. The programming implementation began in June, following this process to be completed in December 2014 for both BI and CRM packages with dedicated applications. At the end of the complex process of implementation, MuseGlobal team will continue to ensure maintenance for our applications.

VP Holding strives to meet the customer needs through continuous adjustments to trends by transforming services and products and establishing valuable partnerships to enhance the company’s shares.

About VP Holding

VP Holding is a business developer and services integrator (all in one) that operates on the market of Romania since 2000.
VP Holding activity is concentrated in 10 business lines: project management, engineering, accessing grants, software development, management system certification, constructions, media&marketing, business administration and staff recruitment.
In figures, VP Holding represents:

  • more than 200 major projects successfully completed;
  • 150 products and services available to customers through the 4 national and international locations;
  • 4 groups of companies which oversee the activity of 36 departments and more than 200 employees and collaborators.

About MuseGlobal

VP Holding Partner – MuseGlobal is the world’s leader in integrated content solutions, information aggregation and transformation, perfectly tailored to support documented and intelligent decisions, being a shrewd support for organizations.

For more information please contact office@edulib.ro.