CERTivity® KeyStores Manager

See how CERTivity® KeyStores Manager can help you, depending on the license. The existence and capabilities of the CERTivity features are controlled by the category of your license – Standard, Professional or Trial. Note that the Trial license is 30 days limited from the moment of request.

Feature Trial
KeyStore Management
Create a New KeyStore Limited to 5 New Actions per instance
Open an Existent KeyStore Limited to 5 Open Actions per instance
Open Windows Root CA KeyStore
Open Windows User KeyStore
Open JREs CA TrustStores
Save a KeyStore
Convert KeyStore Type
Change the KeyStore Password
Delete KeyStore Entry
Change KeyStore Entry Alias
Import Certificate into KeyStore
Generate Key Pair
Generate Secret Key
SSL Certificates Retriever
Import Certificate from Signed JAR
Import Certificate from XML and PDF
Import Key Pair
Add Certificate Extensions
Save Certificate Extensions as XML
View Private Key Details
Extend Validity of Self Signed Key Pairs
Regenerate Key Pair
Copy and paste entries from one KeyStore to another
Change a Key Pair’s password
Password manager to avoid entering Key passwords each time
Emphasizing expired and about to expire Certificates or Key Pairs
Generate self signed Key Pairs (Private Key with corresponding Certificate)
Copy to clipboard Certificates from Key Pair’s Certificate Chain
View Public Key, Certificate Chain Details
Certificates Operations
Open a standalone Certificate
View Certificate Details
Display multiple certificates including certificate chains
View Public Key Details
View PEM Representation for a Certificate
View ASN.1 for a Certificate
View ASN.1 for a Certificate Extension
View Certificate Extensions
Obtain the Revocation Status
Test Certificates on Given Protocol
View the CRL associated to a certificate
Sign and Verify
Verify Signatures for JAR/APK Files
Verify Signatures for XML Files
Verify Signatures for PDF Files
Sign JAR/APK Files
Sign XML Files
Sign PDF Files
Export Options
Export Certificate
Export Certificate Chain
Export Key Pair
Export Private Key
Export Public Key
TrustStores Management
Set / Remove TrustStores at runtime
Configure Trust Path validation options at runtime
Certificate Authority functions
Certificate Signing made easier
Sign CSR Files
Generate CSR Files
Open CSR Files
Open CRL Files
Import CA Reply
Trust verification when Importing CA Reply
Certificate chain management: append and remove certificate