How can I search EBSCOhost databases?

MuseGlobal provides the following method for search and retrieval of EBSCOhost content: EBSCO Integration Toolkit (EIT)

This is a SOAP-based Web Service approach which provides the optimal combination of performance and completeness. You can find the EIT Source Packages by searching in your Muse Console’s “Add Sources” section in the “IDs Containing” field for the term EIT. EIT SPs have Source IDs which start with the string EBSCOEIT.


The HTTP Source Packages for EBSCO search on the URL The EIT Source Packages use as the Home URL and Search URL.

Authentication for the EBSCOEIT Source Packages is two-fold.

1) Authentication for search and retrieval can done by user/pw (with the USER_NAME and USER_PASSWORD fields of the profile) or IP (with the CUSTOM_PARAMETERS field of the profile).

For search/retrieval authentication by IP, a value must be placed in the CUSTOM_PARAMETERS tag from the EBSCOEIT* source profile. Again, this is used to connect to and search a certain database. Using this IP authentication, you may be authenticated to a number of databases.

Example :
where : IP_ADDRESS=your IP which authenticates to EIT.

Please note that your EBSCO account must be specifically enabled in order to use of EIT. The user/pw used for connecting to will not work for EIT. Also note that the IP_PROFILE will be either eit or eitws; — this string matches the 3rd section of your 3-part EIT authentication string (ex. s123456.main.eit or s123456.main.eitws). Please check with EBSCO if you are not sure which it is.

2) The aforementioned authentication by IP or user/pw gives us access to the EBSCOEIT API, but it does not provide successful link navigation on the record links obtained.

For this, the PROXY_HOST and PROXY_PORT in the profile must be configured. IMPORTANT: authentication to EBSCO for link navigation is only done by IP.

Example :

So, in conclusion, 2 IP authentication settings are needed: one (user/pw or IP) for accessing and searching the EBSCOEIT database desired and the other one (proxy IP) to successfully navigate on the record links obtained.

Questions about your EIT account status should be referred to Gregory Julien [].