How do I change/remove the default sorting algorithm in an application?

The procedure to change/remove the default sorting algorithm in an application (Muse or above) is:

– log into the MCAA/MCCS,
– select an application,
– click Application Modules,
– click Ranking Keys,
– click Update Interface,
– select for which language to make the change,
– select the desired default ordering method/key (right side),
– click Update,
– click Close Window button.

Note that this applies for applications based on a MuseFoundation application template. To verify the changes relogin into the application.

For applications that are based on an older application template, the settings must be manually done because they are not compatible with the newer Muse admin consoles (MCAA/MCCS).

Below are the changes that must be done to configure the default sorting algorithm in applications based on older templates. Edit the

$APPLICATION_HOME/www/application/searchOptions.db file and/or the
$APPLICATION_HOME/www/international/XYZ/application/searchOptions.db file(s), where XYZ is the language code.

The line

which is equivalent to None (no ordering), must be replaced with:

or any other sorting key, such as:

– ICERankingKeyAuthor
– ICERankingKeyAuthorTitle
– ICERankingKeyDate
– ICERankingKeyField
– ICERankingKeyRelevance
– ICERankingKeyRetrieved
– ICERankingKeySource
– ICERankingKeyTitle

depending on the needes.