When I click on the persistent URL link, why am I being asked for authentication details?

The PERSISTENT-URL (sometimes also called durable URLs or durable links) is a url to a detailed native record and it is specifically not rewritten by Muse Navigation Manager. The PERSISTENT-URL link was created as an URL for which the users will use their own authentication to access the native data. The PERSISTENT-URL was specifically designed to not be tied to a search session and to provide a persistent link outside of Muse applications. They are not intended to take the place of a normal URL link in Muse records.

It is normal to be prompted to enter access details after following the PERSISTENT-URL to get to the record page. If the end-user is IP-authenticated to an account containing the required database, then the record page will appear without entering additional credentials.

In conclusion:
– use the regular DATA/URL to access the native data directly without having to enter user/password details
– use the DATA/PERSISTENT-URL when you want to provide your users an URL for which they should use their individual access details and only after that they will be able to go to that native record.