Download Muse® Identity Manager 2.3 Build 01 Packages

1. Download the appropriate package for a fully functional product. Use MD5 checksums to establish the data integrity of the installation packages that you download;



Note: This package will work on any machine having 64-bit OpenJDK 1.8 installed and the Software Requirements fulfilled. It is distributed as a Web Application Archive ( .war file) that is deployed inside a web server implementing the servlets specification.

2. Deploy the War package in your servlets container. Refer to the  Muse Identity Manager Install.pdf manual for the Software Requirements and Installation Steps.

3. Request from the Muse team a proper license file.

Muse® Identity Manager 2.3 Build 01 Release Notes

Here you will find the release notes for the version 2.3 Build 01 of Muse® Identity Manager, which you can download as PDF or view online as HTML..

 Muse Identity Manager Release Notes.pdf

Download Muse® Identity Manager Installation Manual

Here you will find the Muse Identity Manager installation manual which you can download as PDF or view online as HTML.

 Muse Identity Manager Install.pdf

Download Muse® Identity Manager EULA

Here you will find the Muse® Identity Manager End User License Agreement which you can either read online or download.

Muse® Identity Manager System Requirements

Minimum and Recommended Hardware Configurations

The following are the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for running the Muse Identity Manager.

Minimum ConfigurationRecommended Configuration
Processor: Dual Core CPUProcessor: Quad Core processor or better processor / multiprocessors
Memory: 8 GBMemory: 16 GB
Disk space: 120 GB hard disk spaceDisk space: 250 GB hard disk space

Network Requirements

Muse Identity Manager requires a good and stable network connection, and a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
Access to the Muse Identity Manager service should be done using the https:// scheme and using its FQDN, not its IP or localhost or just the hostname without the domain.
For accessing with https://, a SSL certificate is needed.