Muse® Federated Search

The Muse Console for Application Administration (MCAA) is the tool used by Muse Partner Support and Implementation personnel to manage the Muse Source Packages from inside Muse Applications.

The Muse Console for Application Administration requires no technical knowledge of the underlying system structure and provides all the actions necessary for Muse Source Packages management.

Source details can be configured in detail via the Muse Console for Application Administration. The administration interface gives access to Source specific details as Name, URLs, Authenticators to use, credentials to connect with, but also connections parameters. Connection parameters can be set to best tune network configuration to meet more environments.

Any Muse Federated Search Application offers to users the possibility to write a query in at least three modes: using Muse Syntax or using the Simple or the Advanced Search forms. Simple and Advanced Search forms help the users to construct more or less complicated queries that, after being converted to Muse Syntax, are translated according to the query syntax of each Data Source, and finally sent to the target.

Muse Federated Search Application Search History manages all the searches that are performed during the current session. Searches are stored here for further reference. Users can access this area later on and have the possibility to rerun them, to save one or more such that to be available at the next login or even save them as Alerts. Creating Alerts means that they will be automatically rerun by the system and the results sent via email to the user.

Muse Federated Search Mobile Application is a mobile ready application, developed on jQuery Mobile. It features many options and is very easy to use. All the main options from a standard Muse Federated Search Application are present here with specific mobile design and functionality.

Muse Federated Search Application WorkRoom is the area where users can save queries with their associated results. There are many actions that can be applied to these saved Records Sets, from combining them to exporting them. Each Records Set saved here can be later visualized, meaning that the list of stored records can be retrieved and presented to the user in the same format as it was originally extracted. Target links and other features are available to the users.

Muse Federated Search Alerts system allows users to run searches at a given interval, for a specified period. The results of these periodical searches are sent to the user's email address, either entirely or as a difference from the previous run. Users can modify the components of these searches; by either changing the set of Data Sources the search will run on or by adding, removing Data Source specific parameters to calibrate the results.

Muse Federated Search Application Help gives the user all the explanations necessary to use the whole set of features he/she has in hand. All the features are largely explained and grouped thus it is easy to quickly identify the needed section. There are also displayed System Information as ICE (Information Connection Engine) and Application versions.

While Muse Federated Search runs on top of The Muse Platform, see there more screenshots.