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The eXist XMLDB can get corrupted after an unclean database shutdown. An unclean shutdown may be caused by power failures, OS reboots, or hanging processes that are subsequently killed. A good improvement was seen after adding the recovery parameter, which configures the journaling and recovery of the database. With recovery enabled, it is much easier to recover an unclean database. For this to work correctly, all database operations must be logged to a journal file. To add the recovery parameter, one must follow these steps: a) make a backup for the ${MUSE_HOME}/xmldb/webapps/exist/WEB-INF/conf.xml file; b) edit the ${MUSE_HOME}/xmldb/webapps/exist/WEB-INF/conf.xml file and just before the ““(no quotes) add the lines from below: c) Restart Apache Embedded Tomcat server.

There is a “Forgot your password? Recover it.” feature in the Muse applications. When clicking on it, an email containing the configured password will be sent at the user’s email address. For this feature to work, the email settings configured at the application level must be correct and working.
Also, this feature is accessible from within the application, in other words you must login into the application in order to access the “Forgot your password? Recover it.” feature.
In the case of an application configured with IP authentication for “in Campus” and Personal User for “off Campus” access, the end user can access the “Forgot your password? Recover it.” feature only from in Campus.

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